Hours,Tuition & Policy:

All Wow and Flutterville Playgarden locations require a 2-day-per-week attendance minimum. Please read below for additional location-specific tuition details.  Please note all tuition rates will increase by 5% each May to help pay our teacher's a sustainable wage.  

Wow and Flutterville Tuition Rates:

Monday-Friday 7am - 6 pm

Monthly Tuition Rates:

Infant/Toddler (6 weeks - 3 years)

Tuition includes lunch with milk and two snacks per day for children starting at age 1 year.

2 days/week $945

3 days/week $1,223

4 days/week $1,391

5 days/week $1,654


Preschool (3+ years)

Tuition includes lunch with milk and two snacks per day.

2 days/week $793

3 days/week $972

4 days/week $1055

5 days/week $1,266


  • 5% sibling discount available on tuition rates. Tuition returns to standard rate if one sibling leaves the care of Wow & Flutterville.

  • discount for employees of Moda, OHSU & US Military. Cannot be stacked with a sibling discount.

  • Parents must provide diapers, wipes and diaper cream if used.

  • Tuition is due on the 1st of the month with a grace period till the 3rd

  • There is a $25.00 tuition late fee for everyday late past the 3rd

  • Tuition not received after 7 days from the 1st of the month will result in no child care provided until the payment has been received including late fees

  • If payment has not been made, a notice of default will be given and the child may lose his/her spot at the school

  • A tuition box or envelope is located in each classroom for payments

  • Any parents who may need a written receipt will need to notify the directors prior to the payment

  • The buy an extra day rate is $80, if room is available

  • There is a $40 fee for bounced checks

Refund Policy:

Our program budget is based on receiving full tuition from all children enrolled. Therefore, there are no refunds due to illness, school closures, vacations, closures due to inclement weather or power outages, holidays or staff illness. We do not refund any prepaid tuition.

Additional Fees:

  • Snacks and Lunches: All Wow and Flutterville locations have lunches and snacks included in the tuition for children over 1yr of age; no additional payments will be required. All food will be organic, vegetarian & gmo free.

  • Registration Fee:

    • $100 one-time registration fee per family.

  • Supply Fee:

    • $150 non-refundable annual supply fee payable in monthly installments if desired or paid fully at time of enrollment.

  • At the start of care, 1st & last month's tuition are due:

    • With 60 days’ notice, the last month's tuition amount applies to your child's final month of care.

  • Late Pick Up Fee:

    • $10 per every 5 minutes a child is picked up late, after a 5 minute grace period

Wow and Flutterville understands that unforeseen emergency circumstances may occasionally prevent a parent from picking his/her child up on time. However, parents who are habitually late inconvenience the school's staff as well as cause concern for their child. Consequently, we have implemented this policy. Please do note that families charged repeated late fees may have their service terminated.

Also please note: as per Federal guidelines, no child may be in care for more than 10hrs per day.


Wow and Flutterville has a rolling enrollment system, meaning we welcome your family to apply at any time.

Wait-list Application PDF

2017-2018 Immunization Rates